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EXAMPLE: 07 Marketing

Location: Corporate Bangalore
Post Date: 9/18/2020
Job Description

Responsible for supervising and assist with necessary production testing to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained for products to be released to the warehouse. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Line sanitation and Documentation (Proportioner, Filler, and Bottle Washer). 
  • GV Pressure Gauge/Density Meter/Thermometers Calibration and documentation. 
  • Syrup release procedure and Proportioner operation. 
  • Bottle inspector’s evaluation and validation. 
  • Collection and labelling of Shelf life samples. 
  • Take feedback from Shelf life samples and market samples analyst and take actions if required. 
  • Glass fragment control program, Ozone monitoring, Temperature monitoring and validation and documentation (related of area of operation). 
  • Finished product release as per the procedure and follow the requirements. 
  • Line sanitation as per specification and its documentation. 
  • Maintenance of GHP and GMP practices in line operation. 

Job Requirement:
  • Minimum Education: B. Tech/M. Sc.- Food Tech/Food Science/Biotech
  • Minimum Work Experience: 3-4 years of relevant experience in Beverage/Food industry 

Functional Competencies:
  • Equipment Management- Competent 
  • System Compliance- Competent 
  • Food Safety & GMP Requirements- Competent 
  • Environment process design and compliance- 
  • Competent Quality Process Compliance: WTP & ETP, Sugar Process- Competent 
  • Container preparation, filling & proportioning & QA tests- Competent 
  • Quality Process Compliance- CIP & COP Process- Mastery 
  • Quality Process Compliance- Product release (Taste test)- Competent
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