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Cold Drink Equipment Manager - Yangon

Post Date: 6/24/2019
Key Duties / Responsibilities 
  • Responsible for the development of strategy and programs in accomplishing Asset Control
  • Management and Maintenance objectives as well as excellent customer service in the most effective and cost efficient manner
  • Ensure productivity and financial returns of equipment
  • Develope optimized equipment deployment strategies, process, policies and standards
  • Manage development of asset control and documentation process that will ensure proper monitoring of movements and accounting of CDE asset
  • Develops organizational competence and understanding of Cold Drink equipment management policies
  • Ensure compliance of CDE to TCCC standards
  • Coordinate and align CDE operations with all relevant functions
  • Responsible in managing CDE repair and maintenance budget
  • Create and ensure compliance to Service level agreements with vendors and service providers
  • Handles / Conducts research and development in coordination with suppliers/manufacturers
  • Develop and improve capabilities of CDE personnel
  • Assures delivery of highest service and product quality to customers and consumers alike at optimum cost of operations
  • Responsible in ensuring that all Cold Drink Equipment purchased are coordinated with CEPG and the most cost efficient equipment are purchased 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Proficient in written and verbal communication
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office programs
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data collected
  • Make sound judgments and recommendations to management
  • Knowledge on SAP an advantage 
Education and Experience 
  • College Degree graduate in Engineering or Business Management
  • Management Experience in either Manufacturing and/or Engineering 
  • Experience with companies specifically on Refrigeration / Air-condition industry 
Business Understanding 
  • Good knowledge of department procedures
  • Plant commercial organizations
  • General Business operations
  • Working knowledge on ROI / Finance analysis. 


1. Develop Annual Business Plan and secure approval of annual CDE capital expenditures. 
2. Reviews and updates system standards, procedures and programs on end to end CDE process. 
3. Continuous development of knowledge and skills of CDE personnel and Service Providers 
4. Ensure compliance to Asset control program and data management. 
5. Proper management of annual operating expenditures budget 
6. Management of SLAs for all vendors and service providers 
7. Responsible for the accreditation of qualified Third Party Service Providers. 
8. Ensure maximum utilization/productivity of all CDEs 
9. Conduct feasibility studies on new equipment, process and technology. 

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